TechAbility offers CPD aimed both at assistive technologists and educational professionals looking to learn a little more about assistive technologists. Our events calendar lists upcoming training; alternatively, our courses can also be organised as in-house training.


The TechAbility Conference returns on Wednesday 10 November with a theme of 'focus on learners'.
Using and iPad and switch
An interactive workshop that shows you quick and easy ways to use assistive technology in your teaching.
The accessibility settings on an apple iPad
Are you curious about the built-in accessibility options available for mainstream tech? This training will talk you through what's available, how to access it, and which learners are best served by this approach
group of alternative computer mice. Rollerball, trackpad and joystick
There are an array of technological solutions for those with physical access needs. This training introduces some of them, explains how they interface with software options and how good assessment leads to enhanced outcomes.
a learner and a tutor have a discussion over an iPad
The right support for assistive technology is essential. This may be different at various stages of a learner's college journey. This training walks you through everything you need to consider, from the technology they use in college to transition onwards.
A smart speaker sitting on top of a desk
Voice control devices can be a great solution for people with disabilities to access information and control their environment. This workshop offers practical advice on how to make the best use of them, for users of varying ability.
a white robot holds a tablet computer
This workshop covers cutting edge technologies which could change the way learners interact with the world. Discover what's coming up and its potential!
A group of people standing round a laptop having a conversation
Assistive Technology relies on good technology foundations. This course looks at what senior leaders can do to support technology across an organisation.
People sitting round tables at an event
A calendar of all upcoming TechAbility events.