Techability Webinars


8 December 2020 1:00pm
Adding text to your video calls or recordings can improve accessibility for a wide range of disabilities, is good practice and can help when sound issues occur. We will cover some of the main platforms with both paid and free tools.

Digital Mental Health

19 January 2021 1:00pm
We are joined by Jisc’s subject specialist for accessibility, Kellie Mote MSc MBPsS, to discuss her research and practice. Expect useful insights from an experienced Assistive Technologist about her investigations into the role of technology acceptance as an influence on young people's willingness to use digital mental health interventions.

Claro Writing Helper

23 February 2021 1:00pm
Claro Writing Helper helps you organise your essays. It guides you through a linear, structured approach starting with an essay question and a deadline, and ending with your essay in Word format! This exciting new product helps learners with disabilities to understand essay questions, set tasks, manage citations, create bibliographies and much more.

Accessing Technology and languages

16 March 2021 1:00pm
Are you working with learners who have English as a second language? We will review tools that can help to cross language barriers. This will include options on computers, tablets, mobile phones and AAC devices.

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