Supporting Learners’ Assistive Technology at all stages of their college journey

a learner and a tutor have a discussion over an iPad

The right support for assistive technology can make a significant difference to learners’ achievements and experience. Technology which learners arrive with may not support their study at college; technology which is suitable for use in college, may not be supported once the learner has left. This course focusses on key stages in a learner’s journey and highlights the appropriate support required for effective outcomes. Delegates will discuss the following areas:

  • Intake
  • Initial Assessment
  • Support protocols
  • Staff training
  • Assistive Technology review points and ongoing support
  • Transition plan – documentation, liaison, training

This is delivered online as a short course and places can be reserved for small numbers of staff.


For larger numbers, the training can be delivered in-house for a single organisation. This has the advantage of allowing more time for questions and tailoring the content, so it is specific to your setting. To request delivery of this training online or face to face at your organisation please email

Note: If delivered for a single organisation the discussion elements will support the particular setting, individual staff roles and create an action plan.

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