TechAbility Standards

“Outcome Driven Technology”

TechAbility has been working with Natspec Colleges and Karten Centres to improve the standards of Technology. This has been achieved through delivery of webinars, consultation visits, seminars and events.​

​One of the key findings during this time is the lack of guidance around what colleges/centres should be striving towards. There is an understanding that technology should be used, but without a clear view of how it should be used and to what ends.​

For this reason we created the TechAbility Standards.

How to use them:

  • Starting point to improve technology use​

Audit tool or inspiration in an understandable format

  • ​Understanding how TechAbility can improve educational outcomes​

To encourage targeted and needs-led interventions

  • Quality Assurance/Inspection​

Measuring excellence with technology focused on learner outcomes.