Built-in Access

The accessibility settings on an apple iPad

Computers, tablets and phones have a wealth of accessibility options already built into the operating systems. In addition Office 365, Google Classrooms and web browsers have many features to enable access.

All teaching and learning support staff should have an awareness of these features so they can remove barriers for learners. This session will:

  • show how to enable these features to ensure learners have the access they need.
  • discuss which settings which may support learners with particular impairments.
  • allow time to trial the options for yourself (subject to organisations having sufficient computers/tablets)
  • demonstrate solutions if the built-in settings are not sufficient.
  • discuss the accessibility advantages of learners choosing which platform they use.

This course is delivered to groups or to a whole organisation as TechAbility feel it is important that these options are known about by all staff.


This training can be tailored, so it is specific to your setting. To request delivery of this training online or face to face at your organisation please email techability@natspec.org.uk.

Note: If delivered for a single organisation the subject can be weighted to match your technology provision e.g. Windows, Mac, iPad, Android. However it is worth staff knowing about all options so learners can be supported with their choice of access.