Using Eventee

For TechAbility Conference 2023 we are using Eventee as our conference app to provide you with information and updates on the day. You can also book which conference workshops you would like to attend via the app.

Accessing the event

Following this link will take you straight into the TechAbility Conference 2022 web app.

If you are accessing the event for the first time you will have to login or register.

If you are using a smartphone, you can download the app on the iOS store or on the Google Play store. To find the event once you’re in the app you can search “TechAbility Conference 2023” or scan the below QR code.

TechAbility Conference 2023 QR code

You can also access all the event information through a web browser in your phone.

Booking your workshops

From the program, click or tap on the workshop you’d like to attend. Then hit the book button.

A screenshot of a workshop in the eventee web app. The book button in the lower right hand corner is highlighted
In the Eventee web app
A screenshot of the Eventee app, with the book button in the lower right hand corner of a much more condensed menu.
In the smartphone app

The workshops you’ve booked will then appear in your agenda for the day, providing an easy way to navigate through them.