Voice control for accessibility

A smart speaker sitting on top of a desk

“Alexa, turn on my lamp”. Voice control devices are convenient for most, but for many disabled people they can be a solution to accessing information, entertainment and controlling their environment. This session will give an overview of the key technologies available, their advantages and limitations. There will also be practical advice on how to operate these in learning and residential settings, while safeguarding users. Subjects covered include:

  • Basic setup and access
  • Controlling the environment – lights, fans, TVs
  • How to use if you don’t have a voice
  • Using in a learning and/or residential setting
  • Tips and tricks
  • Future developments to aid accessibility – dysarthric speech access, AI bots

This is delivered online as a short course and places can be reserved for small numbers of staff.


For larger numbers, the training can be delivered in-house for a single organisation. This has the advantage of allowing more time for questions and tailoring the content so it is specific to your setting. To request delivery of this training online or face to face at your organisation please email techability@natspec.org.uk.

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