Local Support

Local support for your provision is available through your local centre of excellence. These are colleges who have exemplary assistive technology provision. Through their expertise at working with learners with a variety of needs, they can assist you with developing your assistive technology provision.

Where appropriate Centres of Excellence may appoint qualified and experienced experts to deliver services on their behalf.  Any experts appointed will be subject to quality assurance by the Centre of Excellence.

Where is my local Centre of Excellence?

TechAbility centres of excellence are geographically spread, supporting local individuals, groups and organisations with their Assistive Technology needs.

For initial enquiries contact TechAbility@natspec.org.uk.

In the South West and Wales, the centre is based at National Star College

Logo for National Star

National Star College offers research and expertise on a wide range of specialist enabling technology for people with disabilities.  Using an exciting range of equipment, software and expertise, the centre provides accessibility solutions for education, work and the home. As a TechAbility Centre of Excellence, National Star offers training in assessments, adaptations and modifications, and bespoke training for colleges and other FE providers to develop their service.

In the North, the centre is based at Beaumont College

Logo for Beaumont College

Beaumont College has a strong track record of delivering assistive technology solutions for students and delivering staff training across the country.  Beaumont College headed the DART project (Disseminating Assistive Roles and Technology) which trained and mentored staff across the UK in the FE sector.  Beaumont College specialises in adapting technologies to meet individuals’ requirements whether that be via touch, switches, eye-gaze, speech or other methods.  The TechAbility Centre of Excellence will provide training, advice and guidance to support colleges and other providers improve their Assistive Technology provision and help learners access the curriculum.

In the South and East, the centre is based at Treloar College

Logo for Treloar's College

The team at Treloar College has a wealth of experience in physical disability, Augmentative and Alternative Communication equipment, mobility solutions and access to IT.  The Treloar service will use engineering, computing and electronics to enable people with disabilities to achieve their full potential. As a TechAbility Centre of Excellence, the Treloar service includes advice and guidance on ICT access to education, use of special switch access to technology and independence, access to communication equipment, mobility assessments, and bespoke staff training for providers.

In the Midlands , the centre is based at Hereward College

Logo for Hereward College

Hereward College in Coventry provides expertise and training on a range of topics. It is an approved assessment centre for individuals who are eligible for the Disabled Student Allowance. As a TechAbility Centre of Excellence, the expert staff at Hereward will provide training, advice and guidance to support colleges and other providers improve their AT provision and help learners access the curriculum.

For enquiries regarding any of the Centres of Excellence contact TechAbility@natspec.org.uk or ring 0115 854 1322.