Speech Recognition

Using speech recognition is quick and simple for short texts such as a tweet, a facebook update or even a text message.  For writing documents and carefully crafting arguments the time is mostly taken up by thinking, writing text and then amending or removing it.  Speech recognition won’t change this.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon is the most widely used commercial product for voice recognition.  They have a number of versions available according to the functions you need.  They provide a free to use app for both iOS and Android mobile devices.  You need connectivity for this app to work.  It is very good for quick status updates or sending a quick message

Google Voice Typing

Google Docs now provides an option for voice typing.  It not only recognises your speech and turns it into text but it also provides the option to add punctuation and formatting.

In general, the recognition is very good and provides a very credible alternative to using the keyboard. If a learner is using Microsoft Word for example they can use voice typing in Google Docs and then save their document as a Word document to then manipulate and change the text. This needs to be done using the Chrome browser.

Google voice typing can be accessed via the tools menu or by pressing Ctrl+ Shift +S
Google voice typing


You can initiate voice typing by pressing Ctrl + Shift + S or by accessing the Tools menu.

Google voice typing also works with a large number of foreign languages and so provides an excellent tool for anyone learning a language.

Apple Dictate

Another option is to use the iOS dictate feature.  This is accessed using the microphone symbol to the left of the space bar on iOS devices with version 7 and above.

Microphone icon to the left of the space bar in iOS devices.
Apple dictate is available on all iOS devices

All of these options work very well indeed especially compared to earlier versions of speech recognition.

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