Audio and Video

Many learners enjoy and appreciate getting information in the form of videos and the growth of YouTube is evidence of the universal appeal of the video.  All mobile devices now have the ability to produce high quality video in an instant.

Editing video
Editing video

Creating and editing audio and video is a great way for learners to work in groups and practice collaborative learning.

Working with diverse media is now simple with a number of apps that bring together images, text video and audio.  One of the easiest to use is Book Creator.  This allows a user to add images, audio, text and video in an easy to use interface.

Some websites provide the opportunity for learners to add their own interactive content that they can annotate with either text, images or audio.  Examples of these include, Educreations or EdPuzzle.  Collaborative sites can also provide an opportunity for groups of learners to create their own content for themselves or for others in their college. VoiceThread is a good example of how images and video can be strung together to create customised content.

Content Creation


Speech Recognition