Audio is a much underused medium.  Many learners appreciate information in the form of audio files.  They can listen to it repeatedly to consolidate and reinforce their learning without any additional stress caused by trying to read.

Podcasts are audio files that have been created around a specific subject or genre.  They are published on a regular basis and users can opt to subscribe to a particular podcast so that as each new episode is published they are automatically updated in an app known as a ‘pod catcher’.  Creating podcasts can be a powerful learning experience for learners and involves higher level thinking as well as organizational and management skills.

Editing screen for Audacity
Audio editing screen

Audacity is a free to download and use application that provides the opportunity to both record and edit sound.  There are portable versions that will run from a USB stick so that it can be used in a wide range of situations.

Content Creation

Audio and Video

Speech Recognition