Tactile text

For many blind learners Braille is the quickest and most efficient reading method.  Braille is a tactile code of six raised dots in a layout similar to the dots on dominos.

The variation in the pattern of the dots raised indicates each letter.  To further increase the efficiency of braille reading there are many shortened letter combinations such as ‘ch’ or – ‘ing’.  Braille can be paper based but for computer access many braillists use a refreshable braille display to translate the information from a screen reader into a constantly updating display using round tipped pins that are raised through holes in a flat surface.

Moon is another tactile display method with simplified raised images based on the letters of the alphabet.  It is ideal for those who may have lost their sight in later life and have a full knowledge of the visual alphabet.  It is very slow for reading but its use is ideal for providing labels or simple notes.

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