Access by images

Some users are not able to understand written words well and may need additional clues to the meanings of some words or phrases.


Symbols and images are ways of providing information in a format that gives essential information for learners who don’t read text well.

A good example of symbol based communication is the News2you symbol based newspaper. This is a paid for service that uses an internationally recognised set of symbols called symbolstix.

There are many symbol sets. One of the most commonly used is Makaton that has associated hand signs that are used in the children’s TV programme, Something Special.

The Government and NHS now provide information in an ‘easy-read’ format, which uses photographs to support simplified text.  Easy read publications are available for a wide range of subjects such as health care, voting, housing or any other important information that helps learners independence.  Mencap provide a good video as well as printed information on how to create easy read information.

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