What is IT?

IT sometimes referred to as ICT, embraces communication – Information Communication and Technology.

The term includes a broad range of communication devices, applications, products, and services, that benefit learners within education, independent living and the work place. It encompasses, but is not limited to:

  • hardware
  • mobile technologies
  • wireless and landline phones,
  • websites and software
  • radios, TVs, computers,  electronic kiosks
  • broadband services
  • electronic materials

AT/IT integration

IT/ICT is an enabler for AT, complementing the role of ITfocusing on learner benefits from the use of technology and moving the meaning away from the technology itself. 

The AT role often bridges multiple disciplines, ensuring the kit employed is the best it can be to reduce barriers and assist the learner to achieve their best endeavours. Interaction between teams such as therapists, curriculum and care staff places the learner benefits at the centre of the technology discussion, keeping the focus on the learner and not the technology itself.